Private Insurance

Payment is accepted via EFTPOS or cash. For your convenience, we use the HICAPS and Medicare instant claim system for on-the-spot health fund rebates.

Workers Compensation (ACT only)

Patients who have been involved in a work accident with the employer's workers compensation insurer are welcome. A referral from a medical practitioner is required before we can invoice the insurer. Patients need to prepare the Insurer's information:

  • Name
  • Address of insurer
  • Contact phone numbers
  • Claim number
  • Claims officer name and direct phone number
  • Employers name and contact address
  • Case Manager's contact details
  • Letter from the insurer stating that liability has been accepted*

DVA (Veteran Affairs)

We will invoice DVA directly for treatment costs. Patients may need to pay the gap for some treatments. (please contact me for details).

  • A referral from your GP (on D904 form or the GP's letterhead) stating the condition to be treated, GP's provider number and date of referral.
  • DVA approval for physiotherapy treatment.
  • Your white or gold card.

EPC (Enhanced Primary Care)

Patients with EPC (GP management plan) are welcome here. Patients need to provide the referral form before you can claim a rebate back from Medicare. Patients are required to pay the service fee first and process the rebate from Medicare later.

For more information go to

The EPC plan is a special referral form from your GP. EPC clients will need to provide this form prior to treatment so that we can correctly bill your treatment in order for you to claim a rebate from Medicare. EPC clients are required to pay the service fee upfront and seek the rebate from Medicare later.

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